Babies. Health screening. Stupidity.


WILL my baby be healthy? It’s a question that concerns every prospective parent. Now a service that creates digital embryos by virtually mixing two people’s DNA will give a clearer glimpse of their possible child’s health, and perhaps much more – before it has been conceived.

The Matchright technology will be available in two US fertility clinics later this month, allowing people to screen out sperm donors who, when their genes are combined with those of the intended mother, could increase the risk of a child inheriting genetic diseases. The company that markets the technology, GenePeeks, hopes to expand worldwide. (1)

We want to screen everything.
We want to control everything.

As if we know everything.
As if we understand everything.

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But we do not know what life is.
We do not know (subsequently) what death is.
We do not know (subsequently) what health is!

Hell, we do not even know how to stop the flu!

What would you say to your kid if it wanted to take control of your car? Or even better, of an airplane? Or maybe of ISS?
Must Nature come alive and SLAP us hard in the face in order for us to get a grip?


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