Innanimate matter? Well, something more than that…


The features of living matter emerge from inanimate matter in simulation. During a research droplets of filamentous material enclosed in a lipid membrane were used as the models of a “simplified” cell used to simulated the spontaneous emergence of cell motility and division – that is, features of living material – in inanimate “objects”. (1)

It seems impressive. But what is dead cannot come alive. What is alive cannot die. Parmenides said that a long time ago: Nothing changes. Nothing cannot become something. We are. We exist. Matter does not. Without us, without our consciousness observing the universe, matter can never “be”. We give meaning to the cosmos. Matter is what it is. If it can become alive, it always was. If it can be, it was never dead.

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A universe full of life.

Call it “matter”. Call it anything else. It does not matter…

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