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LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling banned for life by NBA over racist comments. Which by the way where of the “black people” type. I suppose black people are not black. Calling them purple would do just fine. And I suppose everyone MUST like black and purple people. There is no room for NOT LIKING anyone. Black people, western people, chinese people, short people… And I suppose calling white people “white” is also racism. And surely saying that you do not like any kind of people is racism as well. You must like everyone! And I suppose you are not entitled to say such things NOT EVEN in PRIVATE conversations! In case someone has a tape recorder… (1)

Atheistic France (again) as a proponent of Free Speech. Thank God!

Then you will face sanctions by everyone, including all those money-loving hypocrite people who just happen to “love black people” because they just bring them money (NBA). And from your ex-girlfriend who was with you because you had money but now remembered she just wants to publish a book and that she was not actually your… girlfriend! (2) Oh, and by a brothel owner! (3)

When you see someone being so picky about something, most of the times it is because he is not so… picky at other much more important things…

In the era where human life means nothing…
In the era where kids are killed with drones…
In the era where wars are fought for fun…
In the era where money rules everything…
In the era where black people are shown superficial respect just to be exploited…

Evolution of Human Rights. (but whose?)

Many “Sterlings” will fall.

Not because they said something no one else thought.
And certainly not because they DID something no one else did.
(especially in their multi-billion dollars circle)
And more certainly not because they said something no one would even believe they would say!
But because people love hypocrisy.
People love being fooled.
They know billionaires play with the lives of poor people.
They just want to be fooled that they don’t.
They know the whole structure of our society is based on DISCRIMINATION at all levels.
They just want to be fooled that it is not…

Evolution, Eugenics, Hypocrisy.

Discrimination IS a serious thing. Discrimination IS a bad thing.
But it is not just saying “I don’t like X people”.
Every time we think it is just that, we lose sight of its actual ugly face, which penetrates our society in every aspect.
Had Sterling not spoken, people would all still love him as the owner of a team with… black people.

Be careful…
A tape recorder is near you…
Do what you want. But don’t say it…