Death penalty – We are all inmates…


Terminally ill people who want to die can take drugs to end their lives peacefully. Ailing pets are put down humanely every day. Clearly, the technology exists to bring about a quick and painless death.

Why, then, do executions by lethal injection sometimes become troubling spectacles? The death in Oklahomaof Clayton D. Lockett, amid struggling and apparent pain, was not the country’s first bungled execution.

A number of factors have conspired to produce painful scenes in the death chamber, experts say: an ill-conceived drug formulation clung to by many states; the lack of medical expertise among people planning and carrying out executions; and, more recently, drug shortages that have pushed prison officials to improvise lethal cocktails and buy drugs from loosely regulated compounding pharmacies. (1)

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An era of death…
An era of nothingness…
An era of matter…

Where nothing alive matters…
Except finding the best way to die…
But there is no need to find the perfect cocktail for death.
We are already dead inside.
Stop being so attached to life.
Wake up.

To be reborn.

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