IBM, Watson, non-thinking…


IBM’s Watson supercomputer has already mastered Jeopardy! and can even whip up an innovative recipe. Next step: it’ll be elected to the presidency after dominating against humans in a series of debates. The computer’s new Debater function is what it sounds like: after being given a topic, Watson will mine millions of Wikipedia articles until it determines the pros and cons of a controversial topic, and will the enumerate the merits of both sides. (1)

Every argument is based on something.

But what happens when that something is nothing? (or Wikipedia – the same thing)

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Be careful…

Every assumption is based on something else…
But where does the FIRST assumption stem from?
What is that First Argument that holds your thinking upright?

Pay no attention to arguments.

Forget your thought, cause it is based on nothing but air…

Stop thinking to start thinking!

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