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In February, Facebook purchased the WhatsApp messaging service for the mind-boggling sum of $19 billion. It was the largest acquisition of a venture-backed company ever, but it also proved a clear, albeit subtle, point: Our relationship to personal data is shifting. WhatsApp charges users $0.99 a year, a fee it justifies in a straightforward way—no ads, no data mining, no kidding. Now that one of the world’s most prolific data miners owns WhatsApp, we’ll see if the service can continue to guard privacy in the same way. Regardless, the lesson stands. People are realizing just how much their data is worth.

The free Internet will soon be dead.
Because we value our privacy.

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We want to Google for information of others, but we do not wish others to search for our data.
We like to keep close to our selves rather than open up to the Universe.

Wise men repeatedly advised people to think openly.
To try to unite with the cosmos.
Who would thought that this advise would be relevant to today’s Internet.

Search for knowledge inside your self.
And then let everyone in.
Google and Facebook will lose all their money.
And you will win the world…

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