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Skin, stomach, heart – The “alternative” brains…


We are all familiar with that uncomfortable feeling in our stomach when faced with a threatening situation. By studying rats, researchers at ETH Zurich have been able to prove for the first time that our ‘gut instinct’ has a significant impact on how we react to fear. (1)

While touch always involves awareness, it also sometimes involves emotion. Now, scientists describe a system of slowly conducting nerves in the skin that respond to gentle touch. Investigators are beginning to characterize these nerves and to describe the fundamental role they play in our lives as a social species. Their work also suggests that this soft touch wiring may go awry in disorders such as autism. (2)

We believe the brain leads the way to thinking.
But it could be possible that the skin and stomach play an even more major role.
If the skin and the stomach play such an important role, who can question the role of the heart?

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Old people thought we can only see the world with our heart.
We tend to mock them.
We “know” that the brain is truly the one organ which helps us know the cosmos.

Is it?

Are we really that wise?

Listen to your heart…
Are we so certain we are correct?
Are you so certain that your brain is in your… brain?
Are your views your views or have they been imposed on you?

When do you know that you know?
How do you start your quest if not from a fixed starting point to which you believe in?
How would you be able to even think without your heart?

What does your… gut tell you?

We are a whole.
Let’s try to act as such.

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