3000-year-old trousers, Justin Bieber’s, fashion, modern arrogance…


Mayke Wagner at the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin and her colleagues studied two pairs of woollen trousers from a cemetery in Xinjiang, China. Carbon dating shows they are about 3000 years old.

Before that time, local people wore skirts and cloaks – but then horse riding became popular. “During normal movements the inner parts of the legs, the crotch and the lower abdomen are not exposed to friction over an extended period of time,” says Wagner. “This only becomes an issue when straddling a horse daily.”

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Wagner made a reproduction pair and realised that the wide crotch piece hangs down in folds, similar to drop-crotch pants, as worn by teen pop sensation Justin Bieber. (1)

Oh arrogant “modern” man!
Why can’t you see the truth?

What is old was once new.
What seems new, is actually too old.

Now wear your jeans and off you go!

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