Close your eyes. See…


When Voyager 2 pivoted back toward Earth from beyond Neptune in 1990, it snapped one of the most famous space pictures: the pale blue dot, with Earth appearing as a lonely speck of light. Astronomers are now designing a new generation of telescopes with hopes of taking a photo of another pale blue dot, this one orbiting a distant star. The proposals offer two contrasting ways of blocking out a distant star’s light, one with a giant shade traveling through space near the telescope and the other with shape-changing mirrors within the telescope. (1)

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Sometimes you have to get blinded in order to see…

Close your eyes to what you hold most dear.
Close your eyes to what you see as most important.
Close your eyes to the most bright star.

Close your eyes to life.
See death.
It seems like…

Yes, it does not seem like… death!

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