Old knowledge… in “fairy tales”…


Moviegoers were recently treated to “Noah,” an epic story of bravery and sacrifice from the Old Testament, a saga in which the titular character takes on the divine mission to build an ark to save creation from an apocalyptic deluge.

Outside the big screen, speculation has swirled for decades that the leftovers of Noah’s Ark hug the heights of Mt. Ararat in eastern Turkey — at a spot known as the Ararat anomaly. In true detective jargon, call it an “anomaly of interest.”

Satellite imagery and analysis may make it possible to resolve the mystery. (1)

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We are constantly forgetting how people in the past were not like us.
We tend to judge people in the past with our standards.
We forget that people in the past did not write fairy tales.

We forget that writing was something too precious to be spoiled in such things.

People in the past just wrote their truth.
A truth we can re-discover.
If only we pay attention…

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