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Afraid to shoot strangers!


Ever seen a movie depicting US Civil War?

Ever wandered how can a regiment of people WALK TOWARDS another regiment of people shooting at them and still have some people alive after 10 minutes of battle?

Well, there is an answer that would surprise you!

US Civil War regiments had the firepower to kill 500-1,000 opponents per minute. But the reality is that they killed 1-2 opponents per minute! Most of the soldiers found it difficult to shoot at an exposed enemy! Armies around the world have worked hard to produce fighters that they would kill another person with no remorse. From the 20% of the soldiers firing at enemies during US Civil War, we reached 50% in the Korean war while currently that rate is at about 90%. [Air International, October 2013, p. 84-85]

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Man is not made to kill man. Man is not made to shoot at others nor push buttons to make others explode.

How… inconvenient!

Modern civilization must find a way through that “problem”! And it is most unfortunate that we do not see that its HAS indeed found a solution to that problem.

Being good is not just about not doing bad.

It’s about actively DENYING bad its way into your soul…


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