Old people do not use Internet. And that is a good thing!!!

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Thanks to a decade of programs geared toward giving people access to the necessary technology, by 2013 some 85% of Americans were surfing the World Wide Web. But how effectively are they using it?

A new survey suggests that the digital divide has been replaced by a gap in digital readiness. It found that nearly 30% of Americans either aren’t digitally literate or don’t trust the Internet. That subgroup tended to be less educated, poorer, and older than the average American.

In contrast, says Eszter Hargittai, a sociologist at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, who was not involved in the study, those with essential Web skills “tend to be the more privileged. And so the overall story … is that it’s the people who are already privileged who are reaping the benefits here.” (1)

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Young people tend to be arrogant.
Young people tend to be stupid.
We believe old people do not “know”.
We believe old people lack capabilities we have.

But old people raised us without computers telling them what to do.
Old people did not use Wikipedia to learn things – they opened books instead. (what?!?)
Old people really cared for other people – they did not just “Like” others on FB.

Be careful when you judge others.

An old man who sits silently on a bench…
A young man plays with his iPhone passing by…
Be anachronistic,
If you really wish to progress!

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