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Colours. Subjectivity. Mind.


“Can you imagine a color you’ ve never seen?” Jeffrey Tibbetts asks, looking directly into the Skype camera. We would like to think that we can, of course, that our imaginations are limitless. But the answer, no matter how much we skirt around it, is actually “no.” However, Tibbetts insists that he himself can see another color. He, along with several friends, is part of a homegrown experiment where he has attempted to alter his vision to see in the infrared, which humans can’t usually see. The three experimenters have just completed a 25-day nutritional regimen and, as their bodies return to normal, they will continue to document their vision for the next two weeks. Very early results appear promising, albeit incomplete. But several experts in ophthalmology have doubts about the purpose and safety of the project, not to mention the validity of the results themselves. (1)

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Our eyes deceive us. No matter what we think we see, we will always have a problem to convince the others of what we see. Because vision is a matter of the mind.

Everything is in our mind.

And how can you convince someone of what you have in your mind?

Unless he and you share the same m…


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