The “meaning of life”. Doing something “important”…


In this stop-motion animation film about the real meaning of life, a 6-year-old girl narrates and asks, “How sad would it be to get to the end of your life and realize you never truly lived?” After citing scientific research finding the main regrets of elderly people to be the things they didn’t do rather than the things they did, she encourages us to genuinely consider the path we would like our lives to take.

“This is your life, you’re in control,” she says in the video uploaded to YouTube. “You gotta do what feels right in your heart … A great man or woman will never fit in because they stand out.”

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“If greatness was easy, you would see a lot of successful people, a lot of great people – astronauts, professional athletes or superheroes”, she says. “But you don’t – you see a lot of people with big mouths making excuses on Facebook trying to get ‘likes,’ but they don’t even like themselves”. (1)

We like being “important”.
We love doing something of “value”.

But living is about loving.
Living is about caring.

Spend a day with your loved ones. While doing nothing.
And you will have done the most important thing in your life…

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