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Is consciousness an illusion? Many atheist scientists who cannot explain consciouness via lifeless matter believe that.

Philosopher Daniel Dennett is perhaps the leading proponent of the disappearing trick. In his book, inaccurately and rather pretentiously titled Consciousness Explained, as well as in his talks titled The Magic of Consciousness, Dennett shows that many of our perceptions and beliefs are illusory, in the sense that they do not correspond to consensus facts. He parades a whole list of perceptual illusions right out of National Geographic’s TV show Brain Games to make his point. (1)

We like to believe science is based on empirical data.
Some like to believe that religion is based on faith.

But it is the other way around!

People believed in the ressurection because they SAW something!
People believe in God because they FEEL Him!
People believe they are just bones and flesh because they BELIEVE they just bones and flesh.
People believe they are just matter because they BELIEVE they are just matter.

Milk. Cows. Soul. Body. Worms.

Search inside your self.
Feel your consciousness.
How much… weight does it have?
Can you measure it?
How can the immaterial emerge from the material?
How can flesh and bones turn into consciosuness?
Don’t you FEEL your consciousness?
Are you ready to reject it based on your atheistic beliefs?

Religion is based on experience.
Science on beliefs!