Life. Humans. Rocks. Scientific dogmatism.


Hunting from a distance of 27,000 light years, astronomers have discovered an unusual carbon-based molecule contained within a giant gas cloud in interstellar space. The discovery suggests that the complex molecules needed for life may have their origins in interstellar space. (1)

Sure. Why not?
But why limit the “discovery” to interstellar space?

If you believe life is all about molecules and particles moving around, then the origins of life are everywhere.

In space.
In a hot cake.
In spaghetti.
In rocks.

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It doesn’t matter.

Because lifeless life is everywhere.
It is consciousness which makes us who we are.
Denying that simple fact we experience every day IS dogmatism.

And we have to note it every time such a foolish “discovery” makes the headlines.

Look at the air and the ground on which you stand.
Watch carefully.
Find the differences…

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