Killed by lightning. Ancient tribes. Being.


Eleven Wiwa Indians killed by lightning during a tribal ceremony in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada mountains will be left unburied where they died according to their traditions, an official said Sunday.

The community of about 60 families will abandon their remote village in the wake of Monday’s tragedy, but it was not yet clear where they would go, said Jose Gregorio Rodriguez, an advisor on the Wiwas at the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia, which represents the country’s 800,000 indigenous people. (1)

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People used to respect nature.
Now we just defy her.

People used to believe in gods.
Now we believe we are gods.

A storm.
Lightning strikes.
People die.
See the soil.
Look at the stars.
Someone is watching.
Time to move on.
Keep on living.
Keep on dying.
Just being.
Leave them there.
Move on.
You will always be there…
Gone with the wind.

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