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Science chases progress. Researchers live under pressure from grant agencies, their peers, and the public to produce exciting results. New finds make headlines; checking old work usually does not. But when a recent study of human behavior by Sarah Brown-Schmidt and Sid Horton failed to reproduce a result from the authors’ earlier research, they published a paper in the online journal PLOS ONE saying so. The response has been almost unanimously positive. (1)

Being proud is about admitting your mistakes.
Being great is about admitting you are not.

We once had great scientists.
We once had great religious people.
Now we just have copy-cats.

Statistical significance. Not so… significant!

Everything is dead.

It is in the simple people we must look upon.
Between these people lies the hope of the future.

Something is still alive.
But you must search for it in the small people.
In simple unknown scientists.
In simple unknown priests of greatness…
Retract papers. Bring down churches.
We must die in order to be reborn…