Solid fluids. Beginning of the Universe. Unity of the cosmos.


A solid material that conducts electricity perfectly at certain temperatures may also qualify as an almost perfectly flowing liquid.

If the result is confirmed, the superconducting material would become the first nearly perfect fluid that isn’t among the hottest or coldest substances in the universe. The result also suggests a new way of deciphering a class of materials that could eventually whisk electricity around the power grid with no energy losses.

In 2002, researchers chilled a cloud of lithium atoms to less than a ten-millionth of a degree Celsius above absolute zero to create what’s called a Fermi gas. Three years later, a particle accelerator at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, N.Y., slammed gold nuclei together to form a trillion-degree-C quark-gluon plasma, a substance thought to resemble matter in the universe just after the Big Bang. (1)

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The world full of solids.
The world full of fluids.
The world full of nothing.
The world full of everything.

Start irrationalizing the cosmos.

And you will see that it is one solid rigid thing.

Flowing like water…

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