Stable mind. Unstable mind. Learning. Being.


Mathematical model shows how brain remains stable during learning.

Complex biochemical signals that coordinate fast and slow changes in neuronal networks keep the brain in balance during learning, according to an international team of scientists. Neuronal networks form a learning machine that allows the brain to extract and store new information from its surroundings via the senses. Researchers have long puzzled over how the brain achieves sensitivity and stability to unexpected new experiences during learning – two seemingly contradictory requirements. (1)

Our minds change. And yet you are constantly you.
We conctantly change. And yet we remain the same.
The world gradually changes. And it’s laws and structure remains the same.
In the chaos order is inherently there.
In our mind you are constantly there.

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We exist through our mind.
We think through our mind.
We see through our mind.
And yet we insist on seeing through our eyes.

Oh how have we been misled by our trickster senses…

How much do we need to follow the example of Democritus…

PS. Myth says that Democritus pulled how own eyes off so that we would not be misled by his senses.

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