Infected by a virus. Thinking. Being alive. Being subjective. Being You.


While conducting a totally separate experiment, a group of scientists from Johns Hopkins and the University of Nebraska accidentally discovered something unexpected and potentially disturbing.

A virus was living in the mouths and throats of a good portion of the people in the study, a virus that the researchers didn’t think was capable of infecting humans. Worse still, it seemed to be slowing some of the subjects’ mental abilities, especially their ability to process visual information.

The surprising part about this for researchers was that a microscopic organism that we thought could only infect algae — plants — was living in about 40% of the small number of people tested.

For the rest of us, the bigger surprise may be that this virus could join the ranks of microorganisms that live inside and on us, changing the way we think. (1)

Seems amazing. But think again.

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We are all “infected” by everything.
We live with everything.
We affect everything. And vice versa.

Our view of the world is never clear.
Our view of reality never unobscured.
And yet we feel “reality” out there.
And yet we feel the “world” being.

It is not our eyes who see at this cosmos.
It is the virus which infects us.
The microbes which live in us.
The sand, the blood, the bones, the star dust which makes our bodies.

Everything watches the universe.
Through our eyes.
This is why it can see everything.
This is why it can really see the world’s reality.
This is why we can see “reality”.
Think about it.
Through your virus-infected mind…

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  1. patternsofsouldevelopment

    We are 90% bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms and only 10% human cells – absolutely necessary simbiosis to our health – and, maybe, to ponder over the conscious universe. yet, our biggest fear in the late 20th and increasingly now, in the 21st century is that of getting infected with anything (the fault is with those cleaning product adds, I guess). It is a paradox that someone with OCD would suggest that the best solution to our current problems would be to release nanocomputers into our bloodstream to render us more performant and with enhanced intelligence, in the idea that arttificial imtelligence is better than human. (Raymond Kurzweil)

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