Navy SEALS. Doing good. Seeking no credit…


The head of Naval Warfare Special Command had warned Navy SEALs against betraying their promise to maintain secrecy just days ahead of a SEAL’s “60 Minutes” interview defending his publication of details from the Osama bin Laden mission.
The open letter specifies that the warning holds even after a mission is over, and it scolds those seeking public credit.

The admonition is seemingly directed both at Matt Bissonnette — who revealed his role on the 2011 bin Laden mission with “60 Minutes” on Sunday — and at a SEAL at the center of an upcoming Fox News documentary. It was Bissonnette’s second interview with the CBS show.

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The October 31 letter from Adm. Brian Losey obtained by CNN was addressed to “teammates” and sought to shame those who sought public acclaim, reminding SEALs “the most important credit we can garner is the respect of our Teammates and Partners”. (1)

Out in the dark.
Out in the cold.
Nice people live and die.

Do good.
Be good.
Seek no credit…

Your actions echo in eternity anyway.

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