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Be fat. Stay healthy!


Most of us aren’t fond of our flab but perhaps it’s time to see it in a new light. Fat cells may be among our first line of defence against pathogens.

“Fat has an additional role we didn’t suspect”, says Jay Kolls of the University of Pittsburgh.

Beyond physical barriers such as skin, our main protection against marauding bacteria and viruses is the immune system. This is a complex network of cells with sophisticated weapons such as antibodies, which recognise and destroy foreign cells and proteins. But although many microbes multiply rapidly, it can take days for antibody production to ramp up. It now seems fat cells also play a defensive role – and they respond more speedily than many parts of the immune system. (1)

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botero family

Think different.
Think illogically.

What is true today, was false yesterday.
What is false today, was true the day before.

Matters not.

We are all here.
We will all be here.
We have always been.

Eating what we want.
Starving our selves to death.
Different and yet the same.
All fat and all slim.

Leave that moussaka on the plate.
But does it matter at all?
Oh… well, why not?


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