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Head transplant. Waves. Resonance. Life…


Things didn’t go so great for Victor Frankenstein or his monster, but don’t tell that to Sergio Canavero.

The Italian doctor believes that it’s now possible to slice the head of off one person, stitch it to the decapitated body of another, and then reanimate the two-human mash-up. What’s more, he says the first head transplant operation could come in two years, New Scientist reported.

The goal of such an audacious operation would be to extend the lives of people whose bodies were too diseased or injured to keep the head alive. As Canavero told The Huffington Post in an email, “Go to any neurology ward, ask to see someone with muscle-wasting disorders, and the answer [as to why the surgery makes sense] will be crystal clear”. (1)

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Western civilization has been attached to matter for so long. We crave for meat. We love our bodies. We want to be immortal and yet we care for the things which make us not.

If consciousness is a wave, then it needs freedom to oscillate.

It needs freedom to resonate at what is important. (2)

Take a glockenspiel and try to play with it while holding its keys. No sound will ever come out. Let go of your body. Let go of your brain. And the music will start over again…

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