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The pyramids. The Logos of the stars affects us all down here...

The pyramids. The Logos of the stars affects us all down here…

We laugh at astrology.

We think it is “unscientific”.

We need a Shestov to remind us how wrong we are.

Because astrology is not talking about whether you will win the jackpot tommorow or whether you will be king. Astrology is about studying the stars (most greatest astronomers were actually astrologists – e.g. Kepler) with the ultimate goal of understanding the “logos” behind all things which happen.

Astrology is actually astronomy with a care for humans.

Astronomy researches the “cold” universe. A cosmos void of consciousness. Astrology has human as its main subject of analysis.

Crime with no punishment. A modern axiom waiting for a theory…

We laugh at the idea of the stars affecting us. And yet we easily believe that a butterfly can affect the other side of the world by swinging it’s wings…

We laugh at the things astrology says, but astrology can be falsifiable much more easily than most astronomical theories can (e.g. parallel universes, Big Bang etc).

Science with a care for humans. This is what we need.

Not the cold “data analysis” science we have today.