Seek routine. Seek happiness.


Modern day people seek more action. More adventure. More thrills.

But Yoda said it eloquently…

Adventure! Huh!

Excitement! Huh!

A Jedi craves not these things…

An interview of Archbishop Demetrios in 2011 regarding anxiety, unemployment, and old-fashioned Truth which is drowned out by the contemporary influx of information. Feeling overwhelmed? Could routine and structure be the key? (1)

If life is nothing… special.

Then, yes. Who gives a fuck.

Go ahead and break your head.


If life is meant to be love, how can you express love through… bungee jumping and rock climbing? Your loved ones need you here. Not somewhere else feeding your own egoistic need for satisfaction.

If life is meant to be an attempt to reunite with One, how can you even get close to such a goal by feeding your own uniqueness by racing with cars or trying to swallow swords? The greatest philosophy needs peace of mind. Not excitement.

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If life is meant to be happy and live eternally in the here and now (take a time machine and go back – you will see you are still there!), how can you feel like that when you seek ways to forget about yourself and focus on external stimuli?

Seek the routine.

Seek peace.

And you will immediately feel the thrill of the cosmos boiling inside you…

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