Change which happens. Not made to happen… [Προσδοκώ…]


Many people like to believe that they are the masters of their destiny. But this is hardly the case.

We are all puppets in the hands of fate.

In one split moment our lives can be ruined or glorified just because something “happened”.

Christ tells us that even if we look at another woman we are a sinner. Many people see this as Christ being too strict. But He is not. He simply reminds us of our powerlessness over what happens. That is why as a Christian I expect (Gr. προσδοκώ) but not try to build an everlasting life (Gr. ζωήν του μέλλοντος αιώνος).

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Fate as ancient Greeks described it IS NOT a power to which you must abide, but a reality which you must understand. We are thrown into the cosmos. Conscious beings, able to affect everything. Only if you understand that you cannot affect them.

Try to swim against the current and you will drown.

Save your strength and swim only when necessary and you will live.

Perception. Acceptance. Consciousness.

The epitomy of Being…

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