Empathy: Feeling sad for one death. Not caring for millions… All a matter of choice.


ONE death is a tragedy. One million is a statistic.

You’ve probably heard this saying before. It is thought to capture an unfortunate truth about empathy: While a single crying child or injured puppy tugs at our heartstrings, large numbers of suffering people, as in epidemics, earthquakes and genocides, do not inspire a comparable reaction.

Studies have repeatedly confirmed this. Not only does empathy seem to fail when it is needed most, but it also appears to play favorites. Recent studies have shown that our empathy is dampened or constrained when it comes to people of different races, nationalities or creeds. These results suggest that empathy is a limited resource, like a fossil fuel, which we cannot extend indefinitely or to everyone.

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Now scientists believe that empathy is a choice that we make whether to extend ourselves to others. The “limits” to our empathy are merely apparent, and can change, sometimes drastically, depending on what we want to feel. (1)

Everything seems to be a matter of choice.

Quantum mechanics has showed this.

And yet some of us do not want to believe it.

You see the belief that we are soulless meat seems more appealing to them…

Choose to extend yourself to the cosmos.

Choose to love everyone.

Choose to choose.

Make God Be.

Be God.

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