The DANGER of senses (yes, you SEE correctly).

Let go of your senses...
Let go of your senses…

We all pity people who cannot see.

We all pity people who cannot hear.

We are all happy to see. To smell. To taste. To be able to touch and interact with our environment. But there is a great fallacy in this.

By relying too much on our vision we become more passive. All the senses are inherently passive in the sense that we expect to RECEIVE signals from our environment. But humans are not meant to just receive. Humans are small “gods” able to change the “reality” even by simply observing it (quantum mechanics has shown how the observer actually changes the thing observed).

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As said in the previous post, the point is to just take the world in as it Is. And you must actively not interpret your senses in order to do that. You must not feel in order to feel.

Maybe we should start being more active.

Maybe we should just be blinder in order to see.

Just a stupid thought.

From someone who just writes posts as they come into his mind.

With no thinking.

Just with a WordPress account.

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  1. Tweinstre

    A person whose wife works with disabled people said that,while everybody would rather choose to be deaf instead of blind,blind people are actually far happier and better integrated in society than deaf people.
    (Deaf often demand to be recognized as a separate culture. Not a surprise since hardly anyone understands them,while blind people can talk with everyone.)

    1. skakos


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