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Human Condition: Irrevocable damage. Homo Ergaliomaniacus.


New research gives researchers a unique glimpse at how humans develop an ability to use tools in childhood while nonhuman primates – such as capuchin monkeys and chimpanzees – remain only occasional tool users. The advantage is said to stem from humans using vision to use tools. Instead of depending on sight, nonhuman primates often used their sense of touch, known as their haptic senses, to feel how the object fit into the space. [1]

This is one way of seeing this. The other way is to read Hannah Arendt’s “The human condition” and see beyond the surface of the phenomena.

What seems “advanced” it is finally not. Humans from thinkers, relying on their noεs, have become tool users – relying on their ever-lying senses. We have become addicted to work. We have stopped sensing the cosmos with our inner senses. Afraid to stay alone with our selves. We crave for tools. Forgetting that the greatest tool of them all is not a tool at all. Afraid to do nothing. We must always do something. Forgetting that doing nothing is the best thing we will ever do.

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Oh snails! These great philosophers!

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