Blood tests vs. Astrology 0-1


A single blood test could reveal whether an otherwise healthy person is unusually likely to die of pneumonia or sepsis within the next 14 years. Based on an analysis of 10,000 individuals, researchers have identified a molecular byproduct of inflammation, called GlycA, which seems to predict premature death due to infections.The findings suggest that high GlycA levels in the blood indicate a state of chronic inflammation. (1)


In the next 14 years…

Sounds like astrology.

But it is not.

Astrology foundations was much more sound: Modern people believe a butterfly in the US can affect China – but find the notion of whole stars affecting humans ridiculous. Astrology fitted better to the Popper criteria of science: It could be refuted much easier – its predictions were more immediate and one did not have to wait 14 years to see if they were right or wrong. But most important of them all, astrology had a much nobler goal: To help humans reach their godly potential. Medicine’s assumptions and marketing stunts like this have money as their goal. And some additional page views of course.

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In an era of scientism words like “seem” are unscientific.

Unless they come from the mouths of priests… sorry I meant scientists…

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