Magnetism. [Where is Velikovsky?]


Astronomers have for the first time probed the magnetic fields in the mysterious inner regions of stars. Using a technique called asteroseismology, which uses sound waves generated by turbulence on the surface of stars to determine their inner properties, the scientists found that the fusion-powered cores of red giants, stars that are evolved versions of our sun, are strongly magnetized. The findings will help astronomers better understand the evolution of stars. (1)

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An all too common phenomenon.

Too boring to deal with.

We all “know” it.

We teach it to first grade students.

CERN is not concerned with it.

And yet, the more “boring” and “simple” phenomena, the most common ones, are the most interesting.

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  1. patternsofsouldevelopment

    true – the same is valid for all the rest of reality…

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