Phonons. Photons. All the same…


A research group at Osaka University has succeeded in observing at the intended timing two-phonon quantum interference by using two cold calcium ions in ion traps, which spatially confine charged particles. A phonon is a unit of vibrational energy that arises from oscillating particles within crystals. Two-particle quantum interference experiments using two photons or atoms have been previously reported, but this group’s achievement is the world’s first observation using two phonons. This group demonstrated that the phonon, a quantum mechanical description of an elementary vibrational motion in matter, and the photon, an elementary particle of light, share common properties. [1]

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Matter. Energy. Oscillating.

All different. All the same.

In an everlasting universe, everything is a “particle” of something else.

And at the very bottom of existence only one thing can exist.

Something oscillating at the very fundamental level of existence.

Creating everything else.

The only thing which can demonstrate self-reference.

Search yourself. You know what it is.


Oscillating in darkness.

Near the silent Saturn.

Souls passing by…

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  1. alphachamber

    Very interesting. The border of our discoveries and understanding are the limitations of our instruments. There is always more than can be found.
    In some areas of research, are scientists building an apparatuses which WILL p r o v e their theory – who knows?
    We are here to observe, learn and – most of all – to accept our position as p a r t of the Universe, not as master.

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