The Benedict Option…


Modern society is growing more and more atheistic. Let’s not fool ourselves: People who are (honestly and essentially) religious are becoming a minority. Religion is having less and less impact on modern society, which believes that being “progressive” is more important than upholding the values which helped western civilization rise.

The only option left seems to be the “Benedict Option”: Leave society, enclose yourself in small groups which uphold the true religious values which are the foundations of our civilization and cherish these values for as long as it takes until society needs them again. (as Benedict did when the Roman Empire fell from the barbarians and the darkness came: he held up his Christian values alone with some people who followed him, until these values were needed again and became the yeast of the civilization which came after the barbarians)

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In times of darkness, holding the flame alive is the only possible option…

Trust this darkness.

Embrace it.

It is the best advertisement for Light.

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