Decline in religion, decline in morality.


Religious decline does not equal moral decline, says researcher. [1]

How original.

Stupid prejudiced science reaches to stupid prejudiced conclusions.

We must be careful to compare things with the same standards. Morality has not declined based on our standards now, because our standards have demised into a pulp of liberalism. But morality and ethics is not the pulp which exists inside the “progressive” heads of some atheists (a.k.a. subjective ethics based on the beliefs of every man – except Christians of course).

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Ethics is the FOUNDATION of society for thousands of years.

And with shifting foundations only one thing can ultimately happen.


Do you feel the tremble?

No, it’s not your stomach…

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  1. Tweinstre

    Not everyone is meant to think about morals deeply.
    Masses like to follow simple rules.
    Religions provide them.
    In the absence or dissolution of rules, there is anarchy.
    Which is what we are seeing now.
    Masses will deflect to nationalism because at least there would still be flags, as something concrete to hold on.
    Because people prefer simple rules to no rules.
    But nationalism without morals is a dangerous thing…

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