Disease. Accepting.

Can we learn to live with – rather than kill – cancer? A new study suggests that frequent, low-dose chemotherapy that keeps tumor growth under control may be more effective than standard high-dose chemotherapy that seeks to eradicate cancer cells completely. The treatment strategy, which was tested in mice, flies in the face of conventional cancer therapy, which generally hits patients with the maximum drug dose possible to kill off the largest number of tumor cells.

Despite aggressive treatment, complete cancer eradication is rare and toxic side effects all too common. Recently, researchers have questioned the benefits of standard chemotherapy because while it destroys drug-sensitive tumor cells, it leaves behind drug-resistant cells. By eliminating the former population of tumor cells, the drug allows resistant cells to take over and drive tumor growth uncontrolled. (1, 2)

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Learning to accept.

The most difficult lesson of all…

People see humility as a sign of weakness.

People see acceptance as a sign of powerlessness.

But it was Christ and some fishermen who changed the world.

Just because they accepted us…

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