Space signals. Darkness. Self.

A research team using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) has detected the faintest millimeter-wave source ever observed. By accumulating millimeter-waves from faint objects like this throughout the Universe, the team finally determined that such objects are 100% responsible for the enigmatic infrared background light filling the Universe. By comparing these to optical and infrared images, the team found that 60% of them are faint galaxies, whereas the rest have no corresponding objects in optical/infrared wavelengths and their nature is still unknown. (1)

With the universe expanding at an exponential rate, it is highly possible that we will never know the answer to that question. And it is also highly probable that some billion years ago Earth received numerous more “signals” from worlds which are now so far away from us that their signals do not even reach us anymore.

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In an ever changing cosmos, we care to examine the past.

In an ever changing world, we are in agony to explore the future.

In an ever changing existence, we tend to ignore who we Are.

Darkness is all around us. But it was not always like that. Once upon a time there was light everywhere. Once upon a time we saw light within ourselves. Once upon a time we cherished Earth. Now we look into the deep space…

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