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Civilization is built with faith, not with denial.

Culture is cultivated with affirmation, not with negation.

Societies are founded on trust and love, not on distrust and hate.

Science is based on free thought and love for the quest for truth, not axiomatic dogmatism (even when this dogmatism is related to what we call “logic” or “proof”) or obsessed blind acceptance (even when this dogmatism is related to what we call “logic” or “proof”).

Short answers to important questions

New atheism is not dead. New atheism was just never alive. Not because it never had any logical sound arguments (which it did not). But most important of all because it was never based on love for something but on hate and negation for something. Never anything starting with the negation-related “‘-a” (Gr. Στερητικό άλφα) flourished as an idea. And no, a-theism did not become the exception.

Atheistic census, fake "war", stupidity...

Find out what you believe. Start building on it.

It is the only way of progress.