Monogamy. STIs… [What is science?]

Prehistoric humans may have developed social norms that favor monogamy and punish polygamy thanks to the presence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and peer pressure, according to new research. As hunter-gatherers began living in larger populations of early settled agriculturalists, the spread of STIs could explain a shift towards the emergence of social norms that favored one sexual partner over many. (1)

Science starts to understand what religion has been saying for thousands of years: that monogamy is good for the health. But are those reasons mentioned above the true reasons of why we should be monogamous?

I remember of some other research stating that stable relationships are better than having multiple sexual partners. I remember of other researches showing how waiting for sex after marriage was good for your emotional health.

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We should then start worrying about whether our prejudice has overcome our way of thinking. We should start pondering about what science truly is. Is it science when you fail to see something obvious for lack of “proof”? Is it religion when you trust your common logic and sense?

Modern science lacks religion.

Modern religion lacks science.

All we need is a fresh start.

I remember a time when people did not distinguish between religion and science. I remember a time when people just thought. I remember a time when people favored monogamy with philosophy. I remember a time without Science Transmitted Infections…

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