Doing nothing. Up in the clouds. [Being vs. Living]

A man who wrote a magazine about doing nothing.

A man who actually stopped working in order to do nothing.

A man who discovered beauty within nothingness…

“Slowing down to appreciate clouds enriched his life and sharpened his ability to appreciate other pockets of beauty hiding in plain sight. At the same time, Pretor-Pinney couldn’t help noting, we were entering an era in which miraculousness was losing its meaning. Novel, purportedly amazing things ricocheted around the Internet so quickly that, as he put it, we can now all walk around with an attitude like, “Well, I’ve just seen a panda doing something unusual online, what’s going to amaze me now?” His fascination with clouds was teaching him that “it’s much better for our souls to realize we can be amazed and delighted by what’s around us.” (1)

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The problem of our civilization: Not much time to play. Not much time to just sit and admire what is around us. Even the smallest speck of dust can be miraculous. Only of you have the luxury to pay close attention…

We were born to be.

But instead we are trying to live…

What a waste.

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