Freud. Imagination. Dead Polar Star…

Freud discovered that the mere act of thinking (wishing and fantasizing) is itself gratifying. In fact, what therapists and psychoanalysts commonly observe is that the fantasy is more mentally and physically stimulating fulfilling than the actual, real life action the fantasy is organized around. Is it any wonder that reality doesn’t measure up to the intense, vivid fantasy? Freud’s observation that humans attempt to fantasize things into reality is today fully accepted by neuroscientists as the basis for imagination. (1)

Modern world has rejected imagination as something “weird/ interesting but totally unscientific”. Modern world sees the child with vivid imagination as something cute, but then rushes to teach that kid what “reality” is.

Once upon a time people with clear mind and turbulent souls looked upon the Polar Star and discovered new worlds. We now “know” the Polar Star is just a medium-sized star among thousand others.

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Once upon a time we created life every time we closed our eyes.

Now we keep our eyes open and we have killed even ourselves…

But the polar star is there. Knowing…

We will never be alone.

Look up. It may be dark.

But a star is still shining.

Which is, as a famous mystic once said…

winking hideously like an insane watching eye which strives to convey some strange message, yet recalls nothing save that it once had a message to convey

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