Supersymmetry. True? False? Does it matter?

A beautiful but unproved theory of particle physics is withering in the harsh light of data.

For decades, many particle physicists have devoted themselves to the beloved theory, known as supersymmetry. But it’s beginning to seem that the zoo of new particles that the theory predicts – the heavier cousins of known particles – may live only in physicists’ imaginations. Or if such particles, known as superpartners, do exist, they are not what physicists expected.

New data from the world’s most powerful particle accelerator – the Large Hadron Collider, now operating at higher energies than ever before – show no traces of superpartners. And so the theory’s most fervent supporters have begun to pay for their overconfidence — in the form of expensive bottles of brandy. On August 22, a group of physicists who wagered that the LHC would quickly confirm the theory settled a 16-year-old bet. In a session at a physics meeting in Copenhagen, theoretical physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed ponied up, presenting a bottle of cognac to physicists who bet that the new particles would be slow to materialize, or might not exist at all.

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Whether their pet theories are right or wrong, many theoretical physicists are simply excited that the new LHC data can finally anchor their ideas to reality. “Of course, in the end, nature is going to tell us what’s true,” says theoretical physicist Yonit Hochberg of Cornell University, who spoke on a panel at the meeting. (1)

The greatest BELIEF of all times.

The ultimate FAITH of atheists today.


And even though we see what we think…

Even though we think what we want…

Even though we listen to what we want to listen…

We BELIEVE that this thing called “REALITY” exists somewhere out there and we also firmly BELIEVE that we are capable of discovering and understanding it.

Never before did human kind been so arrogant in its strength.

Never before did human kind been so weak…

Think of a dead God.

And you will see Him dead…

And symmetric. Or assymetric. Who cares…

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  1. larryzb

    We are enmeshed in reality even as we think of it being outside ourselves.

    1. skakos

      Yes, that is exactly the point. We are part of reality and formulate it!

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