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Capuchins. Tools. Doing nothing… something?

The capuchin monkeys of Serra da Capivara National Park in Brazil are well known for using rocks. They use them as hammers to crack open nuts. They use them for digging. They even use them to show off to potential mates. Now scientists report that they also spend time banging stones together, for no clear reason, producing sharp-edged stone flakes that are just like some of the first tools of early humans. (1)

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Making tools but not using them.

Doing things just… because.

It reminds me of humans.

See that man sitting alone under the tree.

He is smiling. He is not doing anything.

And yet. In a weird unworldly way, he is doing much more than anyone else…

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  1. larryzb

    Yes. One might quote: Be still and know.

    1. skakos

      Something like that. We write many posts. Thus, we know nothing. 😛

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