Remembering… Should we care?

How does heightened attention improve our mental capacity? This is the question tackled by a research, which reveals a chemical signal released across the brain in response to attention demanding or arousing situations. (1)

A brain wide chemical signal that enhances memory.

Seems a great solution.

But to which problem?

Are we meant to remember anything? Should we care about remembering something we have forgotten? Should we care about remembering at all anyway? Our life is here and now. And if you check philosophy most probably time does not even exist. Most probably most of the things we see and experience do not even exist as well – at least not in the way science believes they exist.

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In a philosophically consistent world only you exist. In a philosophically consistent world the question if it good to remember things is mostly void of meaning.

Close your eyes and try to visualize your life.

What you want to remember is here with you.

Even if you don’t remember it.

Everything is you…

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