Biometrics. Changing faces. Old young souls…

Biometrics experts set out to investigate to what extent facial aging affects the performance of automatic facial recognition systems. They found that 99 percent of the face images can still be recognized up to six years later.

The results also showed that due to natural changes that occur to a face over time as a person ages, recognition accuracy begins to drop if the images of a person were taken more than six years apart. (1)

AI vs. Philosophy: A game that cannot be won.

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We know we are the same.

And yet the computer cannot tell it.

We have based all our progress on algorithms.

But an algorithm cannot tell who we are.

Only a human can see beyond your eyes…

I may look young.

But I am an old soul…

I may look old.

But I am young as the very first day I was born…

Look closely.

It’s me.

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