Avoiding uncertainty. By simply hiding it. Avoiding ignorance. By simply not asking.

Researchers report the discovery of a new technique that could drastically improve the sensitivity of instruments such as magnetic resonance imagers (MRIs) and atomic clocks. The study reports a technique to bypass the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. This technique hides quantum uncertainty in atomic features not seen by the instrument, allowing the scientists to make very high precision measurements. (1)

Learning everything is impossible.

Because every new knowledge always generates new questions.

You must accept your ignorance in order to know.

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Answering is not the solution in answering.

Stop asking1 questions is.

There is no ignorance.

You always knew.

All you had to do was to realize it.

1 Not in the sense of being consciously ignorant, but in the sense of consciously accepting the cosmos and realizing the fact that all the “knowledge” you supposedly gain is built on notions arbitrarily defined.

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