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The fourth planet from the sun, Mars has geological features like the Earth and moon, such as craters and valleys, many of which were formed through rainfall. Although there is a growing body of evidence that there was once water on Mars, it does not rain there today.

But in their new study, geologists Dr. Robert Craddock and Dr. Ralph Lorenz show that there was rainfall in the past – and that it was heavy enough to change the planet’s surface. To work this out, they used methods tried and tested here on Earth, where the erosive effect of the rain on the Earth’s surface has important impacts on agriculture and the economy. (1)

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Mars used to be a living planet.

But not because rain shaped its valleys.

Earth is a living planet.

Again, not because rain shapes its mountains.

But because poets write about the rain.

Because people sing in the rain.

Because men and women like to just walk in the rain…

Take a good look at that little red dot in the sky.

It was not always red.

You painted it that way…

Keep looking.

Don’t mind the rain.

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