Lying. Me? Or you? Feeling unique. [How people distance themselves – or the cosmos – from their lies]

Professor Paul Taylor of Lancaster University in the UK said: “Science has long known that people’s use of language changes when they lie. Our research shows that prevalent beliefs about what those changes look like are not true for all cultures”.

The researchers asked participants of Black African, South Asian, White European and White British ethnicity to complete a Catch-the-Liar task in which they provided genuine and false statements.

They found the statements of Western liars tend to include fewer first-person “I” pronouns than the statements of truth-tellers. This is a common finding and believed to be due to the liar trying to distance themselves from the lie.

However, they did not find this difference when examining the lies of Black African and South Asian participants. Instead, these participants increased their use of first person pronoun and decreased their third person “he/she” pronouns – they sought to distance their social group rather than them self from the lie. (1)

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Believe that you are unique.

And you will try to protect yourself.

Believe that you are part of something unique.

And you will try to protect the cosmos.

But you are unique. Only because you are the cosmos itself.

Only if you stop feeling unique will you will understand that…

Start feeling small, in order to start growing.

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