How to… do things. Why care? [The curse of doing something]

What a strange era we live in.

People keep on wandering how to do things…

How to make a good site.
How to get a good Alexa rank.
How to make meatballs.
How to buy a used car.
How to make money.
How to mine Bitcoins.
How to make babies.
How to kill babies. (a.k.a. “abortion”)
How to watch solar eclipse.
How to lose belly fat.
How to earn the lottery.
How to find free… you know what.
How to find true love.
How to start a new business.
How to promote your site.
How to train your dragon.

People engulfed in the everlasting Sisyphian effort of ‘doing something’. Not because they want to; most of them anyway despise doing what they do and that is why they so eagerly search for ways to do it. But because they are afraid of the alternative: Doing nothing. People wanting to do things only because doing nothing will let them alone with their most dreaded enemy: their self.

It is easy to always do something. You are occupied so much that you always keep the darkness away. You drift away from the abyss of your own consciousness by limiting your thoughts to the shallowness of existence. You don’t have to worry about the important thing except about what you are… doing.

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That the dark secret of our modern times: We are all filling the basin of Danaides – judging those who don’t – but we never care to see whether the jar has any holes. And no matter how long we keep doing it and how little results we see, we keep on doing it mesmerized by the great story taught to us since we learnt how to walk: You must do something…

Let go. Try to just breath.
Look at the butterflies.
Stare at the raging ocean.

Try not to search for how to do something.
But try to remember how to do nothing.
You will discover that this is the hardest thing you ever did…

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