Against atheism, in one simple sentence – Episode 2: The Resurrection miracle is not so weird as it seems…

Resurrection: The most common of miracles…

People tend to think that Resurrection is the cornerstone of Christianity. They also tend to think that this miracle is one of the biggest lies ever said by man.

But is such a miracle so weird?

See carefully and you will see that you were looking in the wrong direction.

In order for someone to be resurrected he must first be born.

In order for someone to be resurrected he must first die.

But do you believe in life?

Do you believe in death?

And if yes, why?

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Look at any set of particles. Can those particles ever be conscious?

Look at a piece of meat. Can it ever wander for it own existence?

You are alive.

Do you really believe you can die?

Philosophers have questioned the notion of change, materialism and time for thousands of years. And yet, here you are believing in all these dogmas. Believing that you will die. Because you never believed that you were ever truly alive in the first place.

So the next time someone laughs at you believing in the Resurrection, just laugh back and ask him… Do you believe you can die?

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